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Four Healthy Foods in Your Kitchen Right Now

Posted on September 8, 2012 at 3:05 PM


The purpose of this post is to highlight a few healthy foods that you more than likely have in your kitchen at this given moment. Even if you have nothing else in your fridge, pantry or cupboards, you likely have the following foods hidden among the outcasts of your “rainy day” food supply. One disclaimer before we jump into talking about these bare-essential wonders: although they are healthy, eating them alone may not be the best idea. So, in other words, you may want to go buy some additional food for your house before you rely solely on these items for nutrition.


Who doesn't at least have a few cloves of garlic scattered around his or her kitchen? While we all know garlic is a "no-no" when going on a date, and apparently is Dracula's kryptonite (or something like that), believe it or not, the potent bulb actually has a bit more substance to it. Garlic is a great source of manganese and vitamin-c, which are incredibly helpful in fighting off those free radicals that often make us sick. Garlic also helps to maintain healthy immune function whether we are fighting a cold or not. In addition, Garlic is a great source of B vitamins, as well as, minerals like iron, copper, calcium and phosphorus.

There are many ways to get your fix of garlic. Integrative medicine guru, Dr. Andrew Weil recommends eating garlic raw for its anti-viral properties, among other benefits. Given this may be a bit harsh for some, garlic can also be used in a variety of cooked dishes. Personally, I start off most of my cooking with a few cloves of garlic. For me, it would be a little weird not to cook a veggie scramble in the morning, or seared shrimp in the evening without some garlic to spice it up. And you can always brush your teeth after!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Besides gargling for sore throats, apple cider vinegar has many healthy advantages. Perhaps, most notably, it has both anti-viral and antibiotic properties, which make it great to sip on (or shoot) when you are sick. For many of us with an old bottle of this stuff sitting in the back of our pantry, apple cider vinegar can also be used for cooking. A splash in a stir-fry, or topped on a kale salad, not only adds flavor to a dish without costly calories; it provides many great health benefits, including added potassium, clearer skin, improved digestion, and a more alkalized system.


If you do not have a couple lemons rolling round your countertops, that next trip to the grocery store must be a bit overdue. The thing I most love about lemons is there versatility. Perhaps most advantageous about the tree fruit, is how citrus provides an alkalizing effect on your body. While most people think of lemon as acidic (which it is), ingesting the sour juice actually has an opposite influence on our system. While it can be hard to tell, managing your body's pH level is something that many people don't think to do. What's more, if the body is overly acidic, it can mean serious health problems, especially digestive. The best way to check this is to buy a pack of pH testing strips and add a little urine or saliva. I know, I know, fun stuff! Or if you would just rather jump straight to treatment, grab half of one of those lemons decorating your kitchen table, squeeze it into a glass of water and drink it first thing in every morning before you eat breakfast. Your body will be thankful, trust me!


I'm sure not everybody likes tuna, but most of us likely have at least one can stacked on top of all the other stocked goods saved for a disaster or the holiday food drive. Tuna fish can be a bit controversial due to rumors of high mercury, however, tuna light in the can is a safe bet. As far as food laying around your kitchen goes, tuna is about as good of a protein source as you are going to get without worrying about high fat content and other potentially negative properties.


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