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An Interview with Team RundleFit, the Creators of the Popular Workout Anywhere Fitness Program

Posted on January 25, 2014 at 9:15 PM


Justin Rundle, and his wife Jessica, together form Team RundleFit, the brand behind the new Workout Anywhere exercise system. Their program provides clients with the ability to workout without dedicating a large block of time, and also allows clients to workout on their terms wherever they are. As a fitness professional I was eager to sit down with Team RundleFit to ask exactly what makes their workouts so special.




Q. What is the purpose of Workout Anywhere?

A. The goal of Workout Anywhere is to provide an affordable, transportable and highly effective-truly all-level-fitness and nutrition program for busy people and others intimidated by the gym. We wanted our all-purpose minimal to no equipment program to be accessible to as many people as possible, and that is why we turned our wildly popular boot camp style workouts into an online Workout Anywhere training system-accessible through mobile phones, tablets, computers and televisions-no more old school DVD's.


Q. How long do your workouts take?

A. On average our workouts last from 15 to 25 minutes. We do have some that are in eight minute formats known as 8 Minute Meltdowns, and others that range a little bit longer then 30 minutes. We also provide workout add-ons like our exclusive Four Minute Total Core Training workouts, fitness challenges and stretch/ foam roll exercises.

Q. What is H.I.I.T. and why is it an effective method of exercise?

A. H.I.I.T. stands for high intensity interval training and is one of the main principles to our workout program, due to its scientifically proven nature to burn body fat more efficiently and effectively then typical L.I.S.S.-low intensity, steady state-cardiovascular activity, like spending hours on the treadmill, bike, elliptical or stair master. Although one can use H.I.I.T. on typical cardio equipment, it's best used within metabolic conditioning circuits that consist of total body strength training exercises, core, conditioning, plyometric and agility drills. Basically, H.I.I.T. style workouts involve short bursts of energy followed by bouts of rest or lower intensity. However, high intensity interval training does not necessarily mean high impact. For true beginners, we modify movements, pace and intensity to the appropriate fitness level.


Q. What type of person can benefit most from these workouts?

A. Honestly, anyone can benefit from our training program. We've had great feedback and results from advanced athletes using our Beast Mode level, and wonderful results from our intermediate and true beginner training journeys. Overall, people love our workout style and say it's the best workout they have ever had. If we were to break it down into who can utilize our system to it's full potential, that would be busy mothers, working professionals, true beginners, and those intimidated by the gym scene.


For busy moms and working professionals, time is of the essence and rarely do these people have hours to spend at a gym. In contrast, they need an effective fitness solution that works with a minimal time and equipment commitment. From our current client base, we have professionals doing our 15 minute fat burning routines at work-thanks to mobile technology and affordable/transportable equipment routines or our body weight only routines-and busy mothers who need a fitness outlet that works with their schedule.


In addition, no program has made personal training and home workouts more accessible and realistic towards true beginners. We were one of the first to gear a specific training program towards true beginners and those intimidated by the gym scene. We have a number of users who started with our beginner level and have already progressed to the intermediate fitness level.


Q. Where is the craziest place you've had a client workout?

A. The craziest place a client of ours has worked out was on a pirate ship, another in the airport. It was more of a joke, but some of our clients have sent in pictures doing push-ups on a pirate ship and dips at the airport.


Q. Why should someone use Workout Anywhere over another platform like CrossFit?

A. Workout Anywhere is unique in the fact that one can do it from home, on the road, at work or outdoors. Some exercisers don't like group settings or gyms, or cannot justify the time to add an additional commute to their schedule. CrossFit uses metabolic conditioning principles like we do, however, it also incorporates olympic and power lifts as part of its core design, while our program mainly uses body weight exercises. We recommend the suspension trainer because it's a phenomenal piece of equipment that manipulates one's body into the most basic or advanced exercise. But overall, we are a weight free program, unless you consider a medicine ball a weight.


Q. What sort of diet do you encourage clients to eat under your system?

A. One of the main goals for the Workout Anywhere training system is to create healthy lifestyles over fitness highlights. To do this, we have to treat fitness and nutrition with an all-level approach towards our member's health needs. Depending on where one is at with their current nutrition, we start members off with the nutrition basics or graduate them towards our healthier substitutions, clean eating, Paleo or Vegan lifestyle options-for those adopting a meat free life plan. We support our meal plans with RundleFit approved recipes, coaching and custom options.


Q. How long should it take to see results with Workout Anywhere?

A. When members use our 7 Day Detox-whole food diet, not a liquid cleanse or fast-along with our exercise program, we have had immediate results. However, the detox is optional and is only for those who promise to commit to a lifestyle diet post-detox. It is not meant to be used as one of our lifestyle plans, because it's sole purpose is to give one's metabolism a jump start. However, those who commit to a lifestyle plan and our exercise routine see results within the first week and consistently there on as long as they follow the programming. There are no guarantees for free styling off of our program.


Q. What if a client only has 5 minutes, can they still do your workouts?

A. They could do our dynamic warm-up or Four Minute Total Core training session. Some activity is better then no activity, and these videos will make the most of five minutes-for most beginners our warm-up serves as the perfect introductory total body workout.


Q. If there was one exercise, only one, you could tell clients to do, what would be most beneficial?

A. For advanced members, the most beneficial exercise one can do is the Burpee. It's literally one of the most effective total body strength and conditioning exercises one can do. One could literarily do a whole workout of nothing but Burpees and would have recruited all major muscle groups, while taking their aerobic capacity to a whole new level. I know this is also one of the most hated exercises and there are those who claim they have no Burpee routines, but the Burpee works every time.


For beginners, the body weight squat is one of the best exercises one can use to improve their fitness level. Whether one needs a bench, or sturdy chair to sit back on, or already has good technique, the squat recruits the biggest muscle groups in the body and core for an all-purpose strength training exercise. Plus, once mastered, the squat lays the foundation for most total body exercises.



Thanks, Justin and Jessica, for your time. For those looking to Workout Anywhere, you can join Team RundleFit on their website full of great tips and instructional videos.



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