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Posted on April 30, 2011 at 7:29 PM

"Food is the only art form that truly nourishes."

Almost everybody can agree that food is attractive because it tastes good. Yes, it has other attractions like appearance and nourishment , but taste is really what makes us put it in our mouth. If it doesn't taste good it is very unlikely that we will put food in our mouth.

Unfortunately, most of the best tasting foods are also the most unhealthy or at least calorie costly. If this isn't discouraging enough to our diets, many of these great tasting, figure ruining foods are mingled with events that we enjoy and look forward to most.

Think about it... Weddings are often the social event of the year for people. Which, subsequently turns into the calorie packing day they will never forget. Icing heavy cake, fried hor d'oeuvres and alcohol to top it all off  are staples at weddings.

Baseball games are another great example. I love them! Nothing better than sitting in the stands watching a great game with beautiful weather. Until you buy a soda, nachos and a hot dog, which not only cots 25 dollars, but also 2,500 calories. The even more diet deceptive aspect of sporting events is that they can be enjoyed at almost any time in the comfort of our home with all the fatty foods our taste buds can handle at a cheaper price than a stadium.

Okay, so you get the point- eating can take the fun out of food and entertainment. But it doesn't have to, we can, first, enjoy these indulgent foods in moderation with responsible portions. Sharing nachos at a game or a piece of cake at a wedding is much more calorie conservative than filling your stomach to the point your pants button needs to be loosened. If this is still racking up too many calories than make small sacrifices. Instead of eating the most unhealthy food offered at these events go for something with less calories. Eating a salad instead of garlic fries isn't going to make the experience any less enjoyable. And if there are no healthy substitutions offered- bring some. I can't imagine the bride getting pissed at a wedding because a guest brought healthy food for everyone to enjoy. It's all about being calorie conscious- you don't have to be the Mother Teresa of good nutrition, just make a concerned effort to put good food and low calories in your body. If you can accomplish this you will be all right! 

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