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Break Your Fast!

Posted on May 6, 2011 at 11:01 PM

The importance of eating breakfast is a fairly common piece of knowledge. Still, an alarming number of people neglect this essential meal. Let's breakdown the word: Breakfast. There's BREAK and FAST- what is the purpose of the meal? It is to feed your body- ending the fast that our body has been in while sleeping. If someone sleeps eight hours a night, that is eight hours her body is going without food.  is there another point in a 24 hour day that our body goes without food for as long? That's right there isn't! 

The thought of not eating breakfast is horrible. This mistake translates into additional fasting time for our body, which it does not need. The longer that our body goes without food the longer it is deprived of nutrients that it relys on so greatly. A solid breakfast should provide significant amounts of all macronutrients to our body. This is essential to our body's needs and setting the nutritional tone for the rest of our day.

What is a good breakfast?

While, there are plenty of acceptable variations of a proper breakfast, none get much better or simpler than eggs, toast and greens. This meal supplies adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Ideally, the eggs should be half whole eggs and the rest just the whites. This separation will reduce calories and cholesterol, while still packing a protein punch. The toast should be whole-grain for sustainable energy and lower blood sugar. The greens are simple, just add a lot of them. Not only is this a well-balanced meal to start the day off, but it is very quick and easy to make- five minutes is all it takes to make. Do you have five minutes to start your day off the right way?

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