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Fight Allergies - Don't Suppress Your Symptoms!

Posted on May 31, 2011 at 5:25 PM

There are all sorts of allergic reactions out there - from peanuts to pups - the most common pollen. With beautiful weather and plants comes pollen in the air and in our airways. While, seasonal allergies are by no means limited to pollen, most allergies seem to have similar reactions. When we encounter an allergic reaction caused by foreign pathogen invaders. our histamine compound triggers an inflammatory response, which often leads to the sore throats and sinus' that we endure.

What Are The Remedies?


The most popular remedy in our society, Anti-histamines are very generic. I'm sure you have seen them on TV or even taken them yourself. Zyrtec (Ctirizine), Allegra (Fexo Fenadine) are common anti-histamines that of course show allergy relief. What you may not know, however, is that the reason they show success in reliving allergic reactions is because they suppress our body's natural responses. Histamines are released in response to allergens, which in turn sets off an inflammatory immune response. While, this response is the culprit behind many of our symptoms, it also is necessary to let us know something is wrong in our body. Without it our bodies are masked and we are out of touch with our symptoms - our natural responses. This is not to say that anti-histamines are all bad, there are natural options like Stinging Needle.

Natural Remedies:

Are great alternatives to Anti-histamine medication. While, some natural remedies do inhibit histamines (Stinging Needle) there are many that fight allergies without blocking immune responses' from our body. Regardless, any natural remedy is better than artificial medication, at least in my opinion. Butterbur is a great natural histamine non-inhibitor. It has a vast number of other uses ranging from upset stomach to insomnia. Its properties have been shown to decrease inflammation, thus subduing allergic reactions.

Another natural remedy is Biminne, which is a wide mix of several different Chinese herbs including ginkgo, horny goat weed and astragalus. This herb mixture has been shown to help sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and many other allergy symptoms.

Finally, Bee Propolis can be used to treat allergy symptoms because of it's anti-inflammatory properties. Personally, I have been using it off and on since I was a kid and have found it to be very beneficial. It is a residue like substance gathered by bees to seal their hive, a sort of bee stucko if you will. On the note of bees, some say that eating local honey can also help allergies, a type of homeopathic treatment that must be sourced locally otherwise it won't be effective. Local bees, local pollen, local you comprise local allergy relief. One final note - if you are allergic to bee stings it may not be a good idea to expose yourself to these remedies as they can cause a more severe allergic reaction.

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