Jamison Hill

The Journey of a Chronically Fatigued Exercise Addict 


Workout Plan


The workout plan will consist of exercises focusing on your goals. Depending on your goals this program can be tailored towards sport specific training, weight loss, muscle building, weight gaining or endurance training among other options.

I will personally create your workout plan consisting of a week long routine. I usually break your workout plan up to include cardio and resistance (weight) training. This includes different types of cardio (high intensity interval and steady pace) and resistance training to target each specific muscle group. My personal goal while designing your workout plan will be to hone in on your goals, so that you can relish in your results. Examples of training techniques I use include: Strength/Resistance/Weight, Endurance/Cardiovascular and Functional.  

Here's a link to a sample workout plan (not including the sets/reps and explanations of each exercise):


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