Jamison Hill

The Journey of a Chronically Fatigued Exercise Addict 

Do You Do Legs?

3 essential exercises to develop a legendary lower body.

By: Jamison Hill 


Leg workouts are the fork that separates the hardcore weight lifters from the recreational gym rat. A well-developed leg routine is a rarity in most gyms, many cannot even fathom what one looks or feels like. When you experience a well-planned and executed leg workout it will be obvious by the lumbering walk or the occasional "Why are you limping?" you will endure. Below you will find a simple, yet effective leg routine that will get you headed on the path to developing that insane lower body; bound to have you feeling accomplished.



 If there is one exercise that is your "bread and butter" or more likely rice cake and almond butter if you are on your diet; squats are it. This is an exercise that many are too lazy to perform or too scarred to attempt. If you can get yourself past those two hurdles you may just find yourself becoming addicted to this multiple joint compound movement. With the downward phase halting at a 90-degree angle in both your hip and knee joints and the upward phase ending with an extension of nearly every major muscle in your lower body, the squat is essential to any leg routine.


Alternating lunges:

 While, an exercise like the squat grants you the luxury of performing with heavy weight, lunges focus more on technique and reps. They can be performed in a number of different varieties, with most involving alternating one leg front, one back while both knee joints simultaneously reach a 90-degree angle and then extend upward. Some like to do lunges in-place, while others do them on a walking line; the choice is yours. Lunges will undoubtedly have your hamstrings, quads and glutes hating stairs the next day.


Leg press:

Very similar to a squat with less risk of injury involved, the leg press is as great for beginners as it is for veteran weight lifters. The leg press is preformed in a seated position with both legs making a 90-degree contraction followed by an explosive extension of your upper leg muscles, all under the regulation of a guided track and user operated safety bar. The leg press is one of the more stable leg exercises, which allows for easy beginner intuition and experienced advancement to heavier weight.


All of these exercises may be intimidating or undesirable at first, but like many enjoyable things they must be acquired through experience. Adding a leg workout into your gym routine is a step that many forgo, so take pride in knowing that you are bettering your body while joining a select group of people. Starting with these three basic leg exercises may be difficult at first, but they will ultimately begin your journey to developing a highly sought after, yet never attained lower body.



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