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The Journey of a Chronically Fatigued Exercise Addict 


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 noun \ˌpe-skə-ˈter-ē-ən\

: one whose diet includes fish but no meat

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Seafood Stir-fry


Filled with a wide array of seafood, this stir fry is about as well-balanced and tasty as a meal gets. 



  •  Chop up a bunch of kale throw it in a greased pan, let it cook while you marinate the seafood in lemon and cayenne 
  • Throw seafood in the pan with the kale 
  • Then add a cup of wild, brown rice and a pinch of raw sunflower seeds
  • Let cook for 15 minutes or so
  • Serve with lots of greens 

Crab Quinoa Salad

This was a sort an on the fly creation I came up with, but boy was it tasty. Quinoa provides a good base along with the crab meat. Seafood lovers will really dig this dish.




  • Pre-cook quinoa till soft
  • Mix in cooked crab meat along with lettuce and seasoning
  • For added texture and tasty add extra virgin olive oil or your favorite light dressing. 



The Pescatarian Dream Dish 


This dish is great for those that reply on fish as their main source of protein or just like to eat it. Also included in this meal are solid plant proteins via greens and quinoa.  



  •  Marinate your fish of choice--basa, tilapia, salmon, etc. in cayenne pepper and lemon with herbs if desired
  • Cook Fish until flakey and white in the middle (~15 minutes) 
  • Boil Quinoa for ~ 20 minutes
  • Serve with lots of greens and grape or cherry tomatoes 

The Five-Minute Omelette 


Breakfast sets the nutritional tone for the rest of the day. If it is skipped or neglected with por food choices the rest of the day won't likely be much better. Do you have five minutes to spare in the morning? Yes, it really only takes five minutes!  



  • 4 eggs whites cooked till solid than filled with veggies
  • Flip in half
  • Add lots of greens and spices on the side 




 Snapper Burgers


Burgers can be made from just about any type of seafood. These are made from snapper (yellow-eye). It's a very healthy and tasteful alternative to meat burgers. 




  •  Cook fish all the way through, then finely mash up in a bowl 
  • Mix mashed fish with egg or egg whites 
  • Throw in flavorings to the mash like green onion, cilantro or pepper. 
  • Mix mash well and form into patties
  • Cook each side of each patty on a pan till golden brown






Flakey Fish Tacos 


If you love tacos, you will surely love these tasty tacos. Add a little seasoning to the fish and some fresh produce and you've got a quick, healthy and yummy meal. 




  •  Cook your choice of fish (tilapia, snapper, salmon, etc) 
  • Cook each small taco in light oil on a pan 
  • Place fish on taco with greens, tomatoes and avocado





Fish and Eggplant


I know the name doesn't sound all that appealing (or maybe it does), but it really doesn't do this dish justice. Sautéed eggplant with some good fish is a wonderfully nutritious and good tasting meal.  




  •  Pan cook your choice of fish along with flavorings and a carbohydrate (the picture shows polenta) 
  • Also pan cook egg plant with light olive oil
  • Add vinegar, garlic and mint to the chopped and cooked eggplant
  • Present eggplant and fish together for a tasty combination 




 Kale Scramble with Assorted Veggies


 Start by sautéing kale leaves with fresh, minced garlic. Then, add in two whole eggs and one egg white. Cook until egg has solidified with desired seasonings. Add your favorite veggies to the meal. I have added cucumber and heirloom tomato in the picture.  

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