Jamison Hill

The Journey of a Chronically Fatigued Exercise Addict 

Jamison's Story 

During late 2010, in the midst of a three-hour workout, Jamison hit a wall unlike any he had ever encountered. Until then, Jamison had been developing an addiction to exercise, that, like most addicts, he didn't think was an issue.

What started as a healthy endeavor eventually became a daily routine, and then, an unavoidable obsession. Leading to the peak of his addiction, Jamison spent more than five-hours exercising each day. Annually, he spent more than 1,500 hours in the gym doing thousands of squats, hundreds of curls and countless presses. By the age of 22, Jamison had devoted the equivalent of 9,00 hours of his life to the gym.

As it turned out, his obsession with exercise was about much more than a narcissistic quest to look attractive and compete as a bodybuilder. At 21, Jamison became certified as a personal trainer--working with clients and teaching group fitness classes. As much as he enjoyed the rush of deadlifting 400-pounds, or bench pressing twice his body weight, Jamison got an equal high from crawling through the fitness trenches with his clients. By 2010, Jamison had created a blossoming life for himself.

Then, he got sick?

At the pinnacle of his life as a personal trainer, bodybuilder, exercise junky, and college student, Jamison suddenly became ill. Chronically fatigued with a constant urge to exercise, for more than two years, Jamison refused to fall into the depths of lethargy, depression, and a sedentary lifestyle while battling a passive aggressive virus.

This site is dedicated to Jamison's journey to regain his fitness and help others achieve optimal balance with their own exercise and nutrition. 

For more check out Jamison's blog or send him a message.



 Certified Personal Trainer -- American Council on Exercise (Since 2009)

Sports Nutrition Specialist -- International Sports Sciences Association (2010) 





Writing Credits:   

Physique Magazine - May, June, July, August 2011

ExtraFit Magazine - April, May 2011

World Physique Magazine - Fall '10, Spring '11, Summer '11 

Inside Fitness Magazine  


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